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A meraki seeker; the one who do something with soul, creativity or love into work.

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Longing for the longest walk on Pacific Crest Trail to make a difference. One day, I shall take a step forward.


Just passing by, like the clouds.


Those who studies clouds would be able to recognize the adjustment even if it was barely seen. One who knows clouds nor those vast of sky are the one who may navigate themselves throughout the life.

Pursuing dosage of nature.


I came across this photo just like as if I was stumbled upon to it by fate. The thoughts I had before my eye had the contact to this picture was about unfolding my life and my own greater good. The spark feeling came out of no where when I saw this picture made a great magnetic connection for a new meaningful goal in the future, seeking deeper connection with the nature. I knew I had to create a blog since the social media will not exist for me for a while from now. This is a personal spot for me to keep log of the snapshots, the raw view that my blue eyes witnessed. Welcome to my journey.